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Want to up your game?

Welcome to the ITB Academy

Join our community initiative to develop the UK Dota scene, helping players of any ability to hone their skills and structure their play in a team-based environment.

Why we started ITB Academy

The ITB Academy was founded to help Dota 2 players up their game in a way that is considerate of personal responsibilities, skill levels and life commitments. 

We wanted to provide a place where any player with the drive to improve can access a structured team environment that fits into your life rather than takes over it. 

It is entirely free and funded by us as one of our community initiatives.


The Academy has three main purposes:

Increase your enjoyment of Dota 2 as a game

Increase your capability to play well within a five-stack, introducing key concepts that will enable you to win games.

Increase your individual abilities by exposure to coaching and a committed group of players at a similar skill-level.

Getting Started

Getting started with the academy is easy.

The first step is to join our community Discord and tell an admin of your interest in taking part within the Academy. You can also fill out the form at the very end of this page. 

You will need a group of friends to set-up your squad, or you can enter the Discord as an individual/small group and try find like-minded players to fill spaces where necessary. 

Once your squad is complete, we'll get you set-up and your journey will begin. 



Discord is the primary means of communication for all aspects of the Academy. The channels are pre-determined and separated into three groups: 

  1. Admin orientated 

  2. Public

  3. Team Specific 

When you join the Discord, you will be allocated a role and be able to see all the channels necessary for team communication/facilitation.

An admin will then organise the initial shcedule and get you up to speed on what will happen next. 


Team administration is managed by the ITB admin team, who will help organize your squad in a way that fits your goals and skill level. 

Overall, there are three types of management you will be exposed to:

1.   A team admin, either the one dedicated to you or another filling in. They will have the role ‘Team Admin’.

2.  Your coach, who will be selected at the start of the process and walk through a weekly replay with you all as a collective to help your growth as a unit. 

3.  A pro player from the primary team, who has been given access to the channel and may pop in from time to time to help address questions or add input in terms of drafting/strategy


Academy Sign Up 


Thanks for submitting for the ITB Academy! We'll be in touch soon.



Completing the Into The Breach Academy Program is the beginning of your next journey as a Dota 2 player. 

Academy cycles last between 5-7 weeks.

At the conclusion of the Academy, we will send you a follow-up questionnaire posing similar questions to those asked at the beginning. If we’ve upped your MMR, skill-level, enjoyment of the game or met any of your short or long-term aims, then we've been successful. 

You will then be invited into the ‘Alumni’ chat where you can talk with other prior members of the Academy, find new team-mates who experienced the same as you did, play in our weekly in-houses, or just talk memes and Dota.

If we have availability, you can also re-enter the Academy for another cycle with a different (or the same) group of players.