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ITB media is the content generation arm of ITB esports, encompassing our YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Instagram. 

All elements of ITB Media are designed to meet our fans enthusiasm, pumping out consistent and high quality content related to team development, competitive involvement and our initiatives. 

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Tournament Production

Our dedicated production team can create bespoke tournaments and host them remotely - across all game genres and tournament sizes. 

Streaming Personalities

We represent the best talent across Dota, CS:GO, Rocket League, Rainbow Siege 6, alongside several multi-genre streamers. 

Just get in touch to hear more about how we can mobilize your brand through activations with a personality that best suits your aims.

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Social Media Campaigns

Memes and dreams from the best of teams... ITB Media can manage your social media campaigns across all major platforms - inclusive of ITB Pro, Initiatives and any streaming personality we represent. 

Content Generation

Engage with audiences from around the world with the very best of content - created bespoke for your brand by the ITB Media team, or let us help you expand the reach of existing content you have already made. 

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Article Creation

Snapshots into the world esports, personalities and ITB itself.

Article Creation