Introducing - ITB CS:GO

We're thrilled to announce that Into The Breach is expanding into the FPS genre with signing of our new CS:GO roster, and welcome Adam9130, Cypher, Dobbo, Isk and Basso to their new home.

Our aims with this expansion are clear:

- Bring the same community centric approach that we've taken with Dota, and do what we can to elevate UK competitive play in the CS:GO scene.

- Continue to platform topics that are important to us, while promoting an overarching good in the communities we're apart of.

We'll also be bringing a high caliber of play as we develop our squad and they reach their maximum potential. We'll see you soon ESEA Premiership and Endpoint's indomitable reign...

"We're delighted to be able to join Into The Breach, and I'm truly excited for the future and what we'll be able to achieve with this roster. We've a mix of young talent and experienced players, returning to a core UK team which will allow us to compete in domestic UK events and help with the stability of our scene. That said, we've our sights set firmly on other European/global events and showing more of what UK CS:GO can do", Adam 'Adam9130', Captain

"With entry into the DPC and now expansion into CS:GO, we're cementing ourselves as an org to be feared and recognized. I hope with continued effort, investment in our players, and development of communities that ITB will continue to go strength to strength. Doing more good, engaging more people, and showing our competitive quality", Sam "SlayTheMinotaur", CEO

Keep tabs on our progress and competitive involvement via our Twitter, Twitch and player socials.

Into The Breach Esports

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