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CS 2 Roster Update

February 21, 2024

Man, what a fucking ride.


This time last year we’d just announced our new roster of UK core in Cypher, Volt, Thomas, Crucial, and Rallen.


We were preparing for the open qualifiers to the next RMR for the Paris Major, open qualifiers we succeeded in, followed by an RMR we achieved Legend status in, followed by a Legend bracket we achieved Quarter Finals in.


Ever since this success in Paris, we’ve been vying to stake a claim in the tier 2 or even 1 scene, learning as we go in a ruthlessly competitive environment.


Then we lost Volt to GamerLegion, Cypher to TSM, Juve to his well-being, and Thomas to self-reflection.


Before we’d even got started our roster was gutted and we had to make a series of decisions to try to replicate the impossible.


Through that aim, we’ve played with players like Qikert, Maxster, Tomiko, Bodyy, NEOFRAG, Bymas, and Misutaaa – all excellent players with high potential, and we’re grateful to everyone who has played under the ITB banner.


Unfortunately, it just hasn’t worked out for us, and the lack-luster performance at the RMR means we’re essentially back to square one in terms of roster development. This is the nature of Counter-Strike, and it is in an especially virile ecosystem now, evidenced by comparable difficulties from rosters fielded by orgs with vast experience such as OG, BIG, NIP, Falcons, and even Astralis.


We’re therefore announcing a series of roster changes and a refreshed approach to our Counter-Strike division. This starts with the benching of Bymas and Misutaaa, who are now transfer listed. Juve has also been benched and is looking for opportunities. We've learnt a great deal from all three, and everyone there has a continued and I'm sure successful future ahead of them.


We’re discussing with the rest of the roster how to move next and what is best for their careers, but one thing is clear – we will commit to a new core of the same nationality, whether that be U.K or otherwise, we’re done with mixes.


Thank you to everyone whose supported us across this journey. Our aim is always to entertain and be a positive impact on the ecosystem.


Sam (Founder).

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