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Into the Breach Esports Enters Partnership with, Rebranding CS2 and Dota Divisions as ITB.Shuffle Esports

June 4, 2024

The fastest growing online crypto casino ( meets one of the fastest growing esports teams. 

This is Shuffle x ITB. 

This fresh collaboration with our prior title sponsor marks a new chapter in ITB’s pursuit of tier one success, as we rebrand our CS2 and Dota teams under ITB.Shuffle Esports. 

This is an integrated, naming rights partnership that will: 

  • Bring a new tournament ecosystem centered on supporting tier 2 and below teams. 
  • Enable a tier one roster creation, with up to 1 million USD in salary budget per year. 
  • Offer betting fans a new, engaging way to partake in esports, with top tier rates, instant withdrawals and fan-support.
  • New content from some of your favourite players, with several community and FaceIt initiatives to engage with the wider playerbase. 

This alliance will elevate our competitive edge but also enhance Shuffle and ITB’s brand presence in the esports industry. 

This rebranding to ITB.Shuffle Esports symbolises new efforts to compete with the juggernauts at the very top of the esports ladder. 

Hear from vested parties:

Sam Cook, CEO and Founder of ITB, said

“ are a trusted brand and reputable in the betting space, and this integrated partnership will allow both brands to reach new heights unattainable before. It’ll mean long-term support for high-calibre rosters that’ll compete at the very top of the esports mantle, alongside tournaments, fan engagement and new community initiatives. This is ITB bigger, better and with far reaching impact – merging Shuffle’s esport aspirations with our own infrastructure and talent. Skies the limit with this partnership –  ITB x Shuffle Esports.”

Noah Dummett - Shuffle CEO:

“As someone who grew up playing CS, I’m incredibly excited to be further involved in the space through Shuffle Esports. We’ll be investing heavily in the team and the broader community to build a team that reflects the same ethos we have at - we’re here to win and to have a good time doing it.”

This partnership underscores our commitment to growth and long-term success, with high salaries and extensive player support. With this, we'll accentuate our already formidable competitive rosters on the global esports stage. 

Announcements regarding our roster, upcoming tournament and the several community initiatives planned will be staggered throughout June. 

For media inquiries, please contact:

ITB x Shuffle

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