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ITB acquires co-ownership of TGH

October 16, 2023

ITB Esports can now officially announce that we have acquired part-ownership of The Goose House (TGH), becoming co-owners alongside Dek and Dave.

ITB will primarily be acting as a support network for the community to grow, and TGH will remain largely independent and focused on what made it great – community engagement, a place for people to socialize, have fun, and make friends through gaming.

As such, ITB will offer ‘background’ support related to business development, finance, visuals/graphic design, and general administration. 

Moreover, we’re proud to announce that our subsidiary company ‘beCosy’ fashion will become a sponsor and official clothing line for TGH – this’ll include a cash injection to bring paid staff and new community initiatives. The first of which will be the ‘Evolution' tournament, details to be announced.

With this decision, we will not shy away from the remaining concerns about TGH's previous operations. We're taking action to professionalise the community, enhance safety, and improve internal and external communication. To this end, we're implementing the following changes:

- We will be publishing a clear process to express grievances and/or concerns about any member of the TGH team. An importance will be placed on making sure that problems can be brought to the attention of the team with discretion, and bad actors will be removed swiftly. Above all, we want TGH to be a community everyone can feel safe in.

- We will be bringing in a paid, experienced industry professional with extensive experience in TGH as a consultant, providing valuable support and guidance with the implementation of safety protocols. Additionally, we will be expanding our team with new female members in leadership roles, ensuring increased representation in high-level decision-making across the business.

- We’ll also be bringing in a dedicated Streamer Engagement team member, who will be the point of contact to ensure the streamers are supported, happy and thriving. She is familiar with the nature of streaming and can relate to the intricacies of the environment, while becoming a key stakeholder of the implemented safety processes and being in control of relaying these effectively to the creators.

- The beCosy sponsorship and a planned capital injection will enable paid staff focused on specifically TGH. Their sole responsibility will be the healthy growth of TGH as a community, bringing the best of prior events, engagement, and opportunities for all within.

- Finally, we’ll be opening dialogue with the community at large - discussing what needs to change moving forward. Changes will take time to effectively implement, but we are dedicated to doing this right, accurately, and in a way that doesn’t take away from the fundamental objective of TGH - to have a fantastic community where people can create lasting friendships, game happily and have access to great tournaments and esport opportunities.

It'll take some time to implement and adjust in the correct way, but we look forward to this new chapter of The Goose House. Stay tuned for further announcements and additional information on the above.

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