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ITB CS:GO Returns

February 2, 2023

ITB Returns to CS:GO

Into The Breach are delighted to announce our return to CS:GO. This new roster is expected to take ITB to new heights, with a new motivation to raise the bar, aiming to claim the titles and raise the UK CS:GO scene. 

"We are more than happy to announce that we are finally back in the (UK) CS:GO Scene, even though it took a bit longer than expected, with a new but also experienced lineup. It is our goal to win as many domestic but also international tournaments as possible to bring UK CS:GO to the Top"
CS:GO Team Manager, Marvin Matthes 

"Throughout 2022, we committed to developing a roster with a UK majority, trying to make our mark on the CS:GO scene and participate internationally as much as possible. I'm super excited to be continuing this with our new roster, which I hope will take ITB CS:GO to our highest peak. Everyone is signed on one-year contracts, with an excellent mix of experienced and new talent. Onwards and upwards" -
CEO, Sam Cook

The line-up will consist of: 

Thomas “Thomas” Utting [IGL]

Cai “CYPHER” Watson [Entry Fragger]

Karol “Rallen” Rodowicz [Rifler]

Sebastian “Volt” Malos [Anchor]

Joey “Cruc1al” Steusel [Awper]

Gustavo “Juve” Alexandre [Coach]

With the return of Cypher, Thomas & Juve, we also welcome newcomers - Rallen, Volt & Cruc1al to the organisation. 

Rallen has been a staple player in many teams previously, and has remained a demon rifler when he's comfortable. He was previously a key member of teams including G2, Anonymo Esports & AGO.  

Volt was a wise choice since he can fill the roles required, resulting in the Anchor position, and already has shown to be skilled enough to join a project like this when he was chosen to play on Fnatic academy. 

Cruc1al is a talented awper, bringing with him a lot of experience playing within top 30 counter strike. He previously played for endpoint, where they secured 6 first place titles on the roster. 

CYPHER already has shown that with time, he can become one of the best riflers. Cai has only been competing for 1.5 years in the higher competitive level, since joining ITB in mid-2021. He is the one to watch as he progresses through UK CS:GO. 

Thomas as IGL is a new experience to him but with willingness and work there's nothing he can't do. He is a talented rifler with a good amount of experience in UK CS:GO having previously played for Endpoint & Coalesce.

The roster have been hard at work and are already taking part in CCT West Europe Series 1 Closed Qualifiers, where they have reached Group Stage Swiss with a 100% win-rateYou can expect to see us competing for ESL Challenger League, CCT and Major Qualifiers moving forward and aiming to claim back-to-back champions of Assembly Summer in Finland. 

A message from Juve, CS:GO coach: 

Hello again ITB Fans! Did you really think you wouldn't see me using our beautiful jersey anymore?
As you know I joined ITB last year and it was a whole different experience to the others I had since it was my first time with a team not from my country and since then I have won my first international LANs, among other tournaments and qualifiers and I will always be grateful for that experience!
It's a pleasure to assume the coach role once again for this whole year ahead, with Thomas by my side playing IGL role for the first time and the rest of the boys. CYPHER that is already a familiar face to me and doesn't need introductions is a demon aimer, Volt is such a great rifler that definitely is worthy of being here and fills the role that we were missing, Rallen the oldest guy in the team, our polish vein here to kick heads off and last but for sure not the least, CRUC1AL that comes with a lot of experience and skill wise to get us to the next level.
Me and Thomas have full faith on this line-up that we have built, we will compete in the usual UK tournaments where our goal is only one (WIN). But for sure our main goal is international, with the skilled players we have, a good environment and work, for sure we will show what the UK scene is capable of.
I want to thank Sam for trusting in me and our sponsors SHUFFLE; Skinbase; CloudKid for making this line-up move forward with all the needings! Also a big thanks to all of you that support us! 

Hopefully a big year is ahead #UpTheKnights  

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