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ITB Talent Pipeline

July 7, 2023

o    What is it?

The ITB Talent Pipeline is an initiative structured to nurture talent and future stars of CS:GO. It will be limited to 3-4 players, all of whom are likely to play on different teams. It will be focused on UK + Irish nationalities but may also include Europeans. The players will be contracted to ITB but permitted to play across different stacks (and even, if permitted, to other organisations) to ensure game-time and continued growth.

o    What’s the aim?

CS:GO is the largest esport in the world with a colossal infrastructure, but there can always be new mechanisms to support new talent. This is especially true within the UK + I. The idea primarily stemmed from a lack of available ‘top’ tier players across the UK & I. We feel this is not down to a lack of skill, but support, motivation, financing, and growth. There are a wealth of tier 2 and beyond organisations in the U.K. focused on this, but as we know esports is a difficult market to stay afloat in and even harder to find success. This initiative is also purposed to take financial strain off other organisations, who can utilise these players while their salary is covered by ITB. The aim ultimately is to enable players the tools they need to break through boundaries limiting their future in CS:GO.This will, we hope, translate into an increased pool of available players flying the flag for UK & I, or at least playing within our ecosystem.

o    How are those aims achieved?

We’ll be working with third-parties in the scene that are already established and purposed to provide support to young players. We’ll also be supporting the players in a variety of meaningful ways that engender skill and personal growth.

o    How are players supported?

Each player within the Pipeline will be given a stipend to support their CS:GO focus financially. They’ll be provided with gear, opportunities to partake in ITB bootcamps, be given guidance in social media, provided tickets and funding for LAN tournaments such as Epic LAN, and given general assistance to pursue their aims.Ultimately, the pipeline is supposed to cushion financial difficulties, provide a framework for learning and enable opportunities otherwise closed.

o    What’s the funding for this?

We are using some of our sticker revenue to ensure funding for several years. Other funding that is directly as a result of community support (such as merchandise sales) will also fund this effort and those comparable.

o    I or someone I know would be a perfect fit for this – where can I get in touch?

Just get in touch via Twitter (@NeiL_Mcs, @MrPunico or @ITBEsports).

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