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The ITB Charity Rumble

May 1, 2021

Hello Dota people!

Firstly, many thanks for all your support during the DPC Open Qualifiers and our twitch casts highlighting up and coming UK talent. We'll be making another run for the DPC in April and this time I know we'll make it! However, as we grow, we want to stick by our principle of doing 'good along the way'. We're therefore announcing the first in a series of monthly charity rumbles, in collaboration with R2DL EU and our partnered charity

So... to Q&A.

What is the Charity Rumble?

The charity rumble is monthly tournament where ITB puts up a set prize-pool (this month £50 to get started), which is then supplemented by any donations or subscription revenue we make via our Twitch channel. The final prize-pool is then split 50/50 between the tournament winners and donations to Checkpoint.

If the winners have a specific charity in mind that means a great deal to them, we're also open to donating a part of the prize-pool there, too.

When is it?

It’ll be Sunday, January 31st and run on the last Sunday of every month. Timing will be confirmed dependent on the amount of team sign-ups – but we expect the run-time to be between 3 PM onwards. If we reach 9-10 PM, the games will continue the following Sunday.

What are the rules?

The tournament’s designed for fun and accessibility. The rules are simple:

  • Any 5-man stack can sign up, regardless of MMR.
  • To help with MMR deficits, teams with 1.5k or higher MMR advantage must wait 1 wave and gift all initial bounty runes to the enemy.
  • A team with a double or higher MMR advantage must wait 2 waves and gift all initial bounty runes to the enemy.
  • All games will be BO1, except the final which will be BO3.
  • All games will be standard captains’ mode.
  • Winner takes all.
  • Friendly all chat heavily encouraged.

We will keep thinking of ways to keep it fun, interesting, and fair – so please do give us suggestions if you have any.

How do I play?

Just join the Discord below and express interest to one of the admins, and we’ll send you the form to fill-in. You’ll then be registered, and all you have to do is ready-check an hour before the tournament begins ~

ITB Discord Link

Who are R2DL and how are they involved?

R2DL is a committed Dota 2 community who have created a league for players with a wide range of skill. Like us, they're focused on accessibility and ensuring everyone can participate regardless of ability. They run their own tournaments and in-houses, and you can use their Discord to have fun games of semi-competitive Dota and meet like-minded people!

They’ll be helping with admin, game hosting and promotion.

R2DL Discord Link

Who are check-point and what do they do?

CheckPoint is a charity that provides mental health resources for gamers and the gaming community.

Their mission is aligned with ours, and is to raise awareness for mental health issues, reduce stigma, and improve wellbeing in the gaming community community. They're passionate about using video games for positive wellbeing and resilience.

They're a truly exceptional bunch and are run by both mental health and games industry professionals, which means the information they provide is accurate, relevant and implementable.

You can check them out here:

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