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Thomas To Subsitute Role

August 31, 2023

Thomas moves to the substitute role by mutual agreement.

We’d like to thank Thomas for his service to the org, and he’ll forever go down as one of the most defining characters of our organization. This isn’t the end of his journey in CS:GO or within ITB, but it is the end of this chapter.

His statement:

“This was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my career, but I will be temporarily stepping back from the starting roster. Moving forward, I’ll be focusing on myself, and getting my individual performance back – alongside how I want to approach the game. Thank you to everyone who has supported me”.

Our CEO also speaks on this:

“Esports is a wonderful thing but man can it be unpredictable and difficult to navigate. Our run at the Paris Major has defined our growth, but I don’t think it was something anyone expected or was prepared for. It’s had a hugely beneficial effect but has also been a difficult adaptation for many of our people. Cai and Volt were bought out and move onwards and upwards, Juve has struggled and taken steps back for himself, and now Thomas follows suit.
We can only try to do what’s best for our players, long-term growth, and support for those still with us – alongside the two new players joining us in the next few days. Thomas won’t be leaving us but his role within ITB needs to be redefined for everyone’s benefit.
A rollercoaster, but one we’re proud to be on. All the support has been invaluable and keeps us trucking forward. Thank you once again.”

Our first roster announcement is on the 3rd, our second player on the 4th, and we’ll also be announcing new ITB Pipeline players which will reaffirm our commitment to the U.K. All are on long-term contracts are we hope we can find stability in this new core.

Our best,


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