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Untold Gaming x ITB

April 7, 2023

Today we welcome an excellent local U.K. brand to our team sponsorships – Untold Gaming.

Untold provide the best quality custom PCs for any individual who want their specific needs met. Want a top of the range gaming PC with the highest specs possible? The folks at Untold can do this. Similarly, want an affordable PC that still run all the latest games? Untold has you covered.

You share your vision of your PC with their expert team, and with their technical knowledge and experience can provide nearly unlimited customisation possibilities. They have three key values:

Unlimited customisation
Unmatched quality
Uncompromising service

ITB is especially excited to be partnered with a local U.K, supporting each other within the space and contributing to a growing ecosystem of gamers (pro and casual) across the U.K.

They ship nationwide, and you can jump on a friendly no pressured call before ordering.

As always, we're eternally grateful to our sponsors and fans - without whom ITB would not exist

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