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dota 2


May 31, 2023

Once more unto the breach dear friends, we’re unveiling our EU Division 2 DPC roster:

  • Nande
  • Xibbe
  • Supream^
  • Merlin
  • Respect

Forging what we hope is the future of the pro scene, we’ve added several young talents with an unwavering passion for the game.

We continue our mission to build a powerhouse team that will shape the future of competitive Dota, reclaim of division 1 spot, and make our continued mark on the global stage.

We’ve been scrimming extensively in the run up to Division 2 beginning, while our players prepare for their arrival at bootcamp.

Merlin will be playing from Ukraine due to the ongoing war – but we will enable him every support we’re able.

ITB welcomes our new friends and what we hope will be the beginning of something fantastic.

As always, we’re grateful to the fans who support our journey – we remain committed to Dota and always will be.

Many thanks and good luck to Milan, Otaker and Immersion with their new ventures and rosters


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