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ITB x SkinClub

May 2, 2023

ITB x SkinClub

With our attendance to the Paris major, we welcome a new partner to help to squad achieve victory: SkinClub (

This new partner has enabled us to:

•    Create new fan content and media for the Paris Major and onwards.

•   New upcoming giveaways for our community and Paris Major attendees.

•   Bootcamp in preparation for the major, pursing a result that will do our fans proud.

•   Increase salaries across the board for the players.

•   Set in place and make more proactive movements towards a self-sustaining academy initiative.

We’ve also a myriad of content planned throughout this partnership, working in collaboration with several notable streamers and ex-professionals.

SkinClub of course is well known within the scene, a popular CS:GO case opening site trusted for their Provably Fair system. All available skins that have ever been released are available through their cases.

We’re happy to continue partnering with popular third parties within the scene and breaking boundaries for UK CS:GO and beyond.

Keep tabs on our upcoming special edition jersey, available in the next few days at

As always, thank you for your continued support.

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