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Welcome mime

May 2, 2022

Into The Breach are delighted to announce its expansion into Trackmania, signing Hubert "mime" Dziedzic.

It marks an exciting time for the brand as it comes in conjunction with the expansion into Valorant, showing intent to dominate multiple scenes. Trackmania provides Into The Breach with the opportunity of developing an esport and joining a number of new teams in a growing esport.

We look forward to the times ahead!

I'm truly thankful for the opportunity to join Into The Breach. I will be trying my best to represent the team as good as I can in upcoming competitions, hopefully we will achieve some great things together. The motivation is here, bigger than ever and I'm looking forward to the future.
Hubert "mime” Dziedzic - ITB Trackmania Player

I am pleased to be joining Into The Breach together with mime. I think that Hubert is capable of big things, and it is a pleasure to work with him again under a team that has put trust in us. We got along really well in our previous teams, and our aim is to only continue the grind on the path to the top together with people at ITB.
Łukasz "forever" Kumor - ITB Trackmania Manager

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